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Werner Bayer GmbH Maschinenfabrik was founded in 1982 as a globally active machine manufacturer for tailor-made testing, leak testing and assembly tasks. Individually designed special and special-purpose machines are also part of our scope of services.

Our customer base includes all the automobile manufacturers in Europe, China and the United States, their system suppliers and companies in the sanitary engineering and white goods sectors.

The success of the company is based on visionary innovations combined with solid technical development. This comes from the interaction of the commitment, inventiveness and professional competence of their employees. The production and test systems offered are therefore state-of-the-art, from which the customer benefits due to a cost-conscious achievement of objectives and implementation of projects on the basis of high-quality solutions.

As a globally-active, but regionally-rooted independent family business, we take our responsibility seriously and offer apprenticeships in the mechatronics technician and industrial mechanic professions, as well as the supervision of trainees and Bachelor's and Master's theses.



Our portfolio


The machines described here are just examples of our broadly diversified competence. Various solutions for diverse workpieces with different degrees of automation and cycle times have been implemented in these examples.

  • Assembly machine for tension struts
  • Assembly machine for tripod star supports
  • Assembly machine for drive shafts
  • Friction stir welding and assembly machine for cylinder heads
  • Leak test system for fuel cells
  • Helium leak testing station for tubular cross members
  • Fittings with intended leaks for gas and water installation
  • Assembly system for valve train on cylinder heads
  • Semi-automatic assembly and test system for oil pumps
  • Leak test and assembly system for cylinder heads
  • Assembly system for crankshaft bearing cap

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Processes and technologies

We are able to integrate a large number of processes into our machines and automate them to the extent required. A wide variety of processes can be carried out by our comprehensive machine concepts.

  • Function testing
  • Leak testing
  • Pressing-in and joining
  • Servo-electric press-in unit NB
  • Friction stir welding
  • Screwing
  • Feeding and sorting
  • Marking

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Leak test instruments

Modern and sturdy equipment technology is the basis of any leak test. We have just successfully launched the fourth generation of leak test instruments onto the market and are constantly developing them further.

  • Dialogue Leak Processor DLP 40
  • Tools calibration devices
  • Leak detection technology

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Process monitoring

For optimised early control of the manufacturing process, we provide various software tools with which statistical process control can be carried out and which serve to provide continuous process improvement.

  • Bayer LOG QM
  • KWP 40 Monitoring Tool
  • KWP 40 Online Analyser

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