Assembly of 40 components with full digitalization

Assembly of the oil pumps is carried out on a manually loaded system with 5 Stations.

In station 1, the assembly and testing operations are carried out automatically; just the loading and unloading takes place manually. Force/distance controlled springs, balls and covers are pressed into the two main parts, namely the pump and adapter housing. In a previous step, the springs have been subjected to a test that records their individual characteristic curve. A pneumatic valve test (cold start test) is performed, in which a controller installed on the machine checks the opening of the valve by building up various pressure stages.

Pump housings and adapter housings are marked with a DMC code. A camera then evaluates the result of the marking with a quality class classification.

The results of any operations are sent to the higher-level master computer, including the faults and downtimes.

In station 2 to 4, the final assembly of the pumps, including further tests, takes place. This is carried out by a close guidance of the worker. The assembly sequence, number of repetitions, screw-in depths, etc. are all determined for the screwing process. The screwing process itself is monitored for torque and rotation angle. After the final assembly, the two data sets of the pump and adapter housings are combined.

In station 5, the control unit, the ease of movement, the axial run-out of the chain wheel and, once again, the DMC code are checked, among other inspection characteristics.

  • Number of assembled components:Approx. 40
  • Variant variety/complexity:3 pump types
  • Cycle time:300 s
  • Number of processes:Approx. 25
  • Personnel required:1 – 2 employees, depending on pump type
  • Checked parameters:Spring characteristic, press-fit process for ball and cover, functional test of cold start valve, screwing process of pump and adapter housing, functional test of proportional valve, axial run-out and track measurement of chain wheel, flow rate, readability of DMC code