Fully automated screwing processes

Werner Bayer GmbH Maschinenfabrik develops and implements a wide range of manufacturing solutions for all aspects of screwing.

The product range extends from individual stations for manual assembly to complex robot-supported production lines for fully-automated component assembly, in which the feeding of the workpieces to be screwed together, as well as the assembly parts, is automated in addition to the actual screwing processes.

Classic, fully automated screwing processes in the automotive sector include the screwing of crankshaft bearing covers in cylinder crankcases, cylinder head covers or camshaft bearing covers in cylinder heads.

Assembly machine for crankshaft bearing covers

A screwing process can also be an integral part of a semi-automatic assembly and testing line for pumps. The quality data (Nm, Nm/° or °) obtained from a screwing process can be evaluated and interpreted using the BayerLogQM software package. Using the Bayer Qs-Stat Interface add-on, the results can be stored in Qs-Stat and sent to a higher-level network connection.