Software tools for monitoring and visualisation

For optimised early control of the manufacturing process, we provide various software tools with which statistical process control can be carried out those serving continuous process improvement.

With the BayerLogQM software package, Werner Bayer GmbH Maschinenfabrik provides a database system for the evaluation, processing and transfer of production and quality data (so-called process data). The process data can be any process-relevant measured values, provided that the measuring instruments or sensors used for recording the measured values can be read out by the machine PLC and the data is made available in a specified data format as a text file on the operating computer.

The BayerLogQM software package is installed and configured on the control panel PC of the machine. The recorded data can be assigned to a workpiece ID and stored together in a database and/or transmitted via a network connection.

Option: Bayer qs-STAT interface
One option of this package is the Bayer qs-STAT Interface add-on, with which measurement data can be stored in qs-STAT format or sent via a network connection. A self-developed special editor enables the operator to parametrise the process data. The qs-STAT interface of the Bayer qs-STAT Interface Software is certified by Q-DAS®.

System requirements: Control panel PC, Windows XP® or higher, min. 256 MB RAM, hard disk for data storage

Q-DAS® certificate

Supported parameter data

  • Pressure drop/rise [mmwc], [Pa], [mbar]
  • Flow rate [ml/min], [l/h]
  • Leak rate [cm³/min], [cm³/s]
  • Pressure [bar]
  • Temperature [°C]
  • Stroke [mm]
  • Force [kN]
  • Torque [Nm]
  • Crack test [OK/NOK]
  • Blockage [%]